• Director of Engg. & DevOps at BrilliantBasics

    Over 14 years of experience in almost all domains of IT.
    I am one of the few individuals in the world holding all AWS Certifications.

    After becoming addicted to computers in School in the era of Mac OS 7 & Windows 3.0, I decided to take on IT as a career path and started with Microsoft Certified System Engineer Certification during School summer holidays. I became an MCSE (Windows 4.1) at the age of 18 and for 3 months worked as an SQL Server 7 Administration instructor in FITSIN Institute which I later quite in favour of giving 100% time to graduation.

    Over the past 14 years I've acquired skills and experience across a wide range of domains in IT mostly being development, operations, architecture, networking, web, mobility, search engine optimisation and security etc.

  • Projects

    "I've over 14 years of experience in IT. From being a startup CTO to a Technical Director"

    Director of Engineering & DevOps

    2016 - present

    Working at Brilliant Basics (an InfoSys company) on challenging projects for Fortune 500 companies as Director of Engineering & DevOps.

    From leading DevOps & Development on several project for the world's biggest financial institutions, leading the Security & DevOps on a project for one of the world's biggest gambling company, architecting for one of Middle East's biggest financial institution to mobile development for one of Europe's biggest telecommunication company.

    Chief Technology Officer

    2013 - 2016

    Working on 5 projects at the same time as CTO for a 3d printing startup. Architected & developed a highly interactive, loosely coupled, extensible, highly performant & multi-lingual microservices (Choreography) based platform for 3D designers with a wide variety of user interfaces including web clients, proprietary 3d printing clients, JavaFX desktop clients, mobile clients & 3d design tools based clients. Completely automated deployments, continuous integration, infrastructure as code.

    Founder of SEO startup & contractor

    2008 - 2015

    I founded my own search engine optimization company in 2008 where some of UK's largest companies were my clients. I also worked as either full-time or part-time contractor for many years and worked on some very challenging projects. In 20013 my SEO startup was liquidated & went back to working full-time, but still continued working as part-time contractor.

  • Skills

    Things I've picked up over the years


    Java Spring

    Java Android

    PHP Symfony, CodeIgnitor, Yii, Drupal 8

    iOS Swift

    Dot Net Core


    AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

    All AWS Certifications

    Terraform, Cloudformation

    Ansible, Chef (AWS OpsWorks), Puppet

    Inspec, RSpec

    CI/CD using Jenkins / Teamcity

    Docker containers 

    Highly secure cloud and on-prem solution architecture


    Android Development

    iOS Swift Development

    Backend Services

    Mobile solution architecture



    Highly scalable, Highly available, Highly durable, Highly secure architectures

    Fault tolerant & Self healing architectures

    Web & Mobile architectures

    Microservices (Choreography) & Monolithic

    Serverless architectures


    RESTful Web Services

    Highly scalable Web Application

    Serverless Web Application

    Drupal 8 CMS

    Symfony 3

  • Interests

    Some of my interests

    Computers & Electronic Gadgets

    My first computer program was at the age of 7 where I wrote a few lines of code from a magazine on my brother's Commodore64 in a language called Basic, I obviously didn't understand much but changing Hello John to Hello Sohrab made me feel like a rockstar. Since then I've been in love with computers.

    Now I'm addicted to electronic gadgets including drones, arduinos, raspberry pis, mobile phones, 3d printers, macbooks etc.


    Since 2012 when I first studied blockchain & cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, I've absolutely fell in love with it. I now follow almost every major personality in blockchain field. I've been studying Ethereum blockchain since 2016 as a hobby shortly after it's mid-2015 release.

    Science & Technology News

    My day doesn't start until I get my daily dose of technology news


    I'm addicted to self-learning & use sites like Udemy & Pluralsight on a daily basis


    I went for bowling for the first time with friends in 2017 and since then have been addicted to it.

  • Download Resume

    I'm currently not looking for work so my resume is not available.